Proposition Development

Our Proposition Development service researches and identifies new avenues and products for your customers. Using focus groups, competitor analysis, pilot projects and tried-and-tested process-driven techniques, we undertake a range of research tasks which explore the markets, product requirements and the demands of users, as well as offering branding design and guidance to ensure your proposition is positioned in exactly the right way.

Partner Management

We believe in building strong and prosperous relationships with the partners we work with. Our Partner Management service will identify the right suppliers for you. We assess the product on offer, its scalability and fit with your customers’ needs and we scrutinise the provider's track record. Only after detailed compliance and due-diligence checks do we look to integrate a product into our trusted portfolio of products and services. Our alliance with partners is a close one. We ensure service-level agreements are in place and we work side-by-side to ensure continued enhancements to products and support.