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It’s vital that telecoms providers don’t miss out on the opportunities presented by the introduction of cloud services. In an increasingly competitive sector, many providers are finding that their core business is under constant pressure from the moves made by OTT players and others. So the scenario is quite simple: if telcos don’t build new revenue streams, their survival is at risk.

Fortunately, telcos are extremely well placed to take significant share of the growing small business cloud applications market. Better still, once you’re onboard with the idea, easy gains are there for the taking.

Small businesses are typically lacking in both time and technical knowledge. So they’re looking for providers who can simplify the processes of selecting, purchasing and using cloud-based technology that is genuinely helpful to them.

As telcos already provide small businesses with their access to the cloud (whether that’s via fixed or mobile devices), they’re ideally suited to also supplying cloud-based infrastructure and applications as part of a ‘one-stop shop’ solution.

So you should definitely be looking at how you can bundle applications with the access you already provide to your small business customers in order to increase overall customer value and lock-in.

You’ll find that offering cloud-based applications to small business customers delivers numerous potential benefits for your own business.

You could, for example:

  • increase ARPU without significant capex investment;
  • improve service differentiation to enhance customer retention;
  • drive increased traffic and, as a direct result, demand for core services;
  • enable deeper customer engagement without increasing cost to serve.

There are, of course, a number of key factors that you’ll need to consider when looking to implement any cloud service strategy – but we’re on hand to help you capture maximum value.

We’ll work closely with you to identify the right routes to market and deliver effective channel enablement. This is critical to your ultimate success, as telcos typically struggle to drive sales of ‘value added’ services via normal sales channels. BCSG also has the expertise to help you build clear and compelling value propositions. Completely aligned with your core services, these will be vital in encouraging both channel engagement and customer adoption.

To find out how we help you to win new customers and increase revenues while minimising the risks of introducing cloud services, read more about what we do.