Ease of use is key to customer adoption of digital services. Our platform aggregates everything into one place, allowing customers to subscribe, use and manage the services you offer from a single platform, using one login.

Control Centre

Your customers’ new control centre

Allowing your customers to access and manage everything in one place means you can offer them something entirely new - a single point of control for the tools they use to run their business.


A solution for the whole business

Offer customers a solution they can roll out across their whole team, with each user having their own portal to access services assigned to them.

Smart user permissions

An intelligent user permission model means different user roles can be created, giving some staff basic access to services, while others can manage access.

One set of login details

Customers can access everything in one place, with one set of login details – eliminating the need for remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

Request new services

Make it easy for users with basic access to recommend the purchase of new services, by allowing them to send requests for the services they need.

Maximise uptake. Make it as easy as possible for customers to access your services.

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