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Company: Deutsche Bank Date: 2015 Client: Roberto Mancone


Deutsche Bank partnered with us to produce a digital engagement model that would change the way they were perceived by their extensive SME portfolio.

Problems faced by banks

  • Lack of differentiation
  • digital disruptors and new players entering the market
  • Need to serve customers more effectively using digital
  • Need solutions that address core challenges of SMEs

Our solution and support for the client:

We worked with Deutsche Bank to produce a digital engagement platform, engineered to ensure that the more data SMEs give about their industry and future growth, the more insight they gain from the platform. The bank can then leverage this customer data and insight to establish a meaningful and relevant dialogue about how the bank can help them succeed and grow.

The platform includes 4 applications:

  • Plan HQ – intelligent business planning
  • Export enterprise – empowering international trade by helping businesses engage more effectively in the global marketplace and enabling them to stay compliant when trading
  • Credit HQ – business credit reports
  • Size up – Helps SMEs gather business insights by comparing their data with others in their industry enabling them to see how they benchmark and make better decisions

Example application: Export enterprise, international trade portal

Examples of data and insight available for the bank:

  • Better industry categorisation of their customer base
  • Can see when customers are downloading international reports
  • Insight into when customers are using business plans
  • Can view their customer’s credit profile, as well as the SME’s customers profiles
  • Key business KPIs, for example, employee numbers, average salary etc.

This data and insight allow Deutsche Bank to offer timely, contextual and personalised messages to their customers. They can also use these to offer other services in a timely manner for example; foreign exchange, insurance or short term finance.


db UnternehmerPortal provides one portal for business customers to access all of the applications easily. The platform provides tools to augment the engagement Relationship Managers have with customers.

Relationship Managers can use insights from the applications in customer conversations. They can sign customers up directly or customers can sign themselves up online.


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