Financial Institutions

Our work with financial institutions

In-depth understanding helps you explore new opportunities

We’ve worked closely with leading financial institutions for many years. Through our deep understanding of the challenges they face – the growing need to differentiate within the small business market, in particular – we’ve been able to deliver a comprehensive range of innovative solutions to help top banks retain and attract small business customers.

The way that small businesses and banks perceive and interact with each other has changed dramatically in recent years. And financial institutions are now risking further deterioration in their relationships with small business customers as cost pressures force them to move to low-touch relationship management models.

The introduction of cloud services could transform everyone’s fortunes.

Providing a relevant and genuinely useful cloud service platform is likely to enable you to solve a number of the key challenges you’re facing in relation to the small business market.

You could, for example:

  • build deeper customer engagement without increasing cost to serve;
  • bridge any gap between your brand promise and actual customer experience by helping small businesses survive and grow;
  • increase your service differentiation to help build customer loyalty;
  • be seen to be taking proactive steps to help small businesses prosper.