Business Hub

  • 55% of small business don't use any sort of accounting software.
  • 95% of all businesses in the US do less than $500k annual revenue
  • Customers who use business hub are 30% more likely to recommend their bank / relationship manager

What is Business Hub

Help your small business customers with the tools to run their business better. Business hub is an online subscription service designed for sole proprietors and micro business owners. From $25 per month, small business owners can get access to a suite of tools that has been carefully selected to provide easy to use solutions to the most common challenges that growing businesses face. The core Business Hub package includes the following applications, but the packages can be customized to meet the requirements of each financial institution.

What Web Applications Are in the Core Package?

How Does Offering Business Hub Benefit Financial Institutions?

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By offering Business Hub, financial institutions have seen the following benefits:

  • Differentiation of service offering
  • Reduced customer and portfolio risk
  • Improved acquisition of new customers
  • Increase in fee income
  • Deeper relationships and improved retention rates

Download our product pdf or see some of our featured clients below to find out how Business Hub has helped thousands of small businesses worldwide.

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Featured Clients

  • Barclays Bank wanted a solution to gain market share among start up companies.  With limited resources available, they approached BCSG to deliver a proposition in a rapid timeframe. MyBusinessWorks is built on the Business Hub platform and has been an instrumental tool in driving deeper engagement with small business owners, from the first time they walk in the door, through their lifecycle as a growing business. See more

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